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Stuck in the garage

With the ongoing shoddy service from Virgin Media, particularly the horrendous packet loss at peak times, I’ve been forced to take a break from World Of Tanks and my new clan.

It was just beyond frustrating not being able to play properly, control lag, game jitters, etc, and was only leading me to get frustrated and whine at my friends.

I’ll be back as soon as I have an alternative internet solution.

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Virgin on the ridiculous

Virgin MediaSo, it would seem Virgin Media have failed to plan out properly and didn’t get permission to dig up the road and lay some more cable, which is why its taking an age to solve this ‘utilisation’ issue.

The new fix date? We’re not sure, its due to be reviewed at the end of Jan 2015???

Really? 5 months with terrible internet and it still might not be fixed? And you expect customers to just suck it up?

No thanks. I’m off to see what BT can offer.


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Virgin not getting it

Virgin MediaContinuing the Virgin Media disaster saga.

Called today to find out why service was still beyond bad, considering that the solution was supposed to have been put in place at the end of October, only to find out that the date has been cleared and no new date set! But its ok apparently, because I can claim the BB part of my bill back, so that’s fine, right?

Trying to explain to first line support (who are an overseas call centre, most of the time) that a paltry refund doesn’t reimburse me for the 3rd party web services that I have paid for and am unable to use, or how 0.2Mb with a 120 latency to the first hop is useless to even browse the modern image heavy web (it even times out trying to load Virgin’s own support site), is a bit pointless as they can’t do anything except try to get you to go through the ‘checklist for idiots with BB trouble’ and offer platitudes.

I can’t believe that a known issue can slip a fix date and not have a new date set, or that they have no way to notify people that its an ongoing problem unless you ring up every month. Or maybe that’s the point, they don’t want to advertise that there is a problem likely to take 2-3 months to fix whilst they’re still cramming people onto their ‘super fast broadband’.

Angry, angry, angry!


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404 bandwidth not found

Virgin MediaSo, Virgin Media have finally acknowledged that there is a ‘utilisation’ issue in my area that has been affecting speeds in peak times since August.

Apparently it is scheduled for a solution at the end of October. We’ll see. Last time there was a major upgrade scheduled they tried to put off any new infrastructure build until the scheduled upgrade…which would be June next year. Oh joy 😦


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Verification is a 2-way process

So, when your service provider rings you up and asks you for your password to verify that you are who they think you are before they can talk to you do they understand just how dumb that is??? In VirginMedia’s case, no.

In a world where we are told that the phishers are waiting around every corner waiting to snatch our personal info, why would you blindly hand over your password to anyone that happens to ring you and claim to be from a company that you deal with?

Why don’t we have 2 passwords, i.e. 1 for when the customer initiates the call and 1 for when the company initiates?

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