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I have been gradually transcribing and organising my game design notes into design and background documents (from assorted electronic notes, handwritten notes, code fragments, and other scribbles) and I was thinking about the best way to organise all of this info so that it makes sense and is easily editable as I further develop the game.

A single document format tends to become unwieldy as it gets larger so I considered a wiki-like system as it would provide the flexibility to work on small parts, re-organise as needed, link to in various ways from within and without, etc.

One solution that I came across was the TiddlyWiki a single HTML file that has all the characteristics of a wiki, and which is both highly customisable and supports many varied plug-ins to change it’s behaviour. An added benefit for me is that whilst it’s simple for me to edit, when I publish it to my webspace it is automatically read-only.


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