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Two weeks (or so) to a new PC

My current desktop PC, Eveline, is over seven and a half years old now, the most recent upgrade is about four years old, and despite serving me well in all this time she is now looking decidely long in the tooth and starting to struggle with the newest games at anything above minimum settings.

I have been putting this off for nearly two years now, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new custom PC for Christmas.

A friend of a friend had used PCSPECIALIST.CO.UK not so long ago with good results so I thought I’d give them a try.

Merry Xmas to me 🙂


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Anyone for Tennis?

I played my first one hour of tennis in probably twenty years today.

It’s odd that considering that I have lived much of my life within walking distance of tennis courts I haven’t played on a proper court in that long.

Racquets have changed nowadays, all ultra-light and more springy than I remember, and in combination with an older body less capable of running and jumping, it took some time to get my eye back in and stop dropping shots short or firing them at the sky.

We never actually got to play a proper game as we learnt from our ‘knocking up’ that both us were seriously in need of practice, but we did keep going for pretty much the whole hour, so all that cycling has been helping my stamina if nothing else 🙂

Another session booked for the end of the week, time to practice serves and returns.

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A surprise early birthday present

My girlfriend wants to get in training for next years London triathlon, so she ordered a hybrid bicycle on-line, but it turned out to be too big for her (despite following the Evans Cycles frame size guide).

My 15 year old mountain bike would need some work to be made road-worthy again, so she gave me this new bike as an early birthday present (and ordered a new one for herself).

So, I now have a shiny, new, ‘Bianchi Spillo Rubino’ with which to get back into training!


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(Ch)Air Attack!

Well, I was playing Air Attack on Friday, lot’s of players on, mucho fun, but then disaster! During a rather violent stall turn, with me leaning into the turn as if it could somehow influence the game, my ancient office chair finally gave up the ghost and the mount cracked, spilling me sideways whilst my subsequent flailing to stay upright both broke my joystick and injured my hand.

This puts an end to my flying for a while…just as I was starting to get the feel for flight back 😦


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