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Moving Again

Well, due to our landlords deciding that they wanted to move back into their house we’ve had to move on, and this time we’re going even further out into the countryside. No really, there are farms and stables at the end of our road!

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To the ‘burbs!

So, we finally moved out of an inner-city 2? bedroom basement flat to a lovely 3 bedroom house in the suburbs. The fresh air, the quiet, the lack of neighbours thumping up and down the stairs…oh the joy 🙂

Still moving furniture, and sorting bags and boxes, more soon.

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If only I’d known…

I had some old crap to get rid of; a bed frame and mattress, broken office chair, broken bike, old rowing machine and and an ancient TV. Couldn’t find anywhere to recycle/dispose of them so booked the council to come get them. They’ve been outside 2 days now and members of the public have scavenged everything except the bed/mattress…If I’d known dumping my crap would get rid of it I’d have done it earlier 🙂

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Cycling Journeys (Connaught Water)

Helena and I just got back from a 25 mile round trip cycle to Connaught Water (Essex)…I’d forgotten how hilly it was to get there, we’re shattered 🙂

The image was sourced from The Geograph Britain and Ireland project as I forgot to take a camera.


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Make the right mistake :)

Forgot to feed cat whilst making dinner for girlfriend. Depite the claw marks in my leg I still think that that was the best way round to make the mistake otherwise I’d have been smothered in my sleep 🙂

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