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Brand New Day

Been watching ‘Lie To Me’ with Helena, good series and I really love the theme music, ‘Brand New Day’ by Ryan Star

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Relaxing sounds of nature

Free Nature Sounds is a nice little 4-track mixer of nature sounds that lets you save compilations for yourself or others to listen to.


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Fascinating Aida – ‘Cheap Flights’

Some friends were sharing this on Facebook, an hilariously funny Irish trio singing about a certain budget airline that advertises incredibly cheap flights with many hidden charges 🙂

Check the video out on YouTube Fascinating Aida – ‘Cheap Flights’ (Warning: some ‘Father Ted’-style swearing)

Their DVD is also available from their website,

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Free Digital EP

Trying to find the source of a track used in a video a friend posted on facebook I found that it was an excerpt from ‘Fur Lined’ by ‘How To Destroy Angels’, the new musical venture of Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) with his wife on vocals and that its available for free download!

How To Destroy Angels Free Digital EP

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Game On!

What are you doing? It’s game time! – The Guild’s 2nd music video, Bollywood style 🙂

Game On

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