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404 bandwidth not found

Virgin MediaSo, Virgin Media have finally acknowledged that there is a ‘utilisation’ issue in my area that has been affecting speeds in peak times since August.

Apparently it is scheduled for a solution at the end of October. We’ll see. Last time there was a major upgrade scheduled they tried to put off any new infrastructure build until the scheduled upgrade…which would be June next year. Oh joy 😦


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Verification is a 2-way process

So, when your service provider rings you up and asks you for your password to verify that you are who they think you are before they can talk to you do they understand just how dumb that is??? In VirginMedia’s case, no.

In a world where we are told that the phishers are waiting around every corner waiting to snatch our personal info, why would you blindly hand over your password to anyone that happens to ring you and claim to be from a company that you deal with?

Why don’t we have 2 passwords, i.e. 1 for when the customer initiates the call and 1 for when the company initiates?

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To Infinity and…what, that’s only BT?

So I now know why my internet has been so erratic since Friday.

Virgin Media upgraded the upload speeds round here a month early!


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