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So Long Old Friend

For all of the animal lovers…warning: may bring a tear to your eye.

So Long Old Friend

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Our place within the universe

Our Place Within The UniverseOur place within the universe, so how small do you feel now?

(I’m unable to attribute the source on this as it was copied and linked all over the web)


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A friend of mine (thanks Ridley) linked From Me To You on facebook and asked the question ‘are these pictures cool or freaky?’ I quite like the effect, with my favourite probably being ‘Busy day in Manhattan‘.

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The debate on voting

So with the choice of ‘First Past The Post’ (FPTP) or ‘Alternative Voting’ (AV) looming near for UK citizens, someone posted a humorous image highlighting the issue in terms the general public should be able to understand 🙂

I’m not advocating either choice, that is a matter for each person to decide for themselves, but after all the confused debate over what AV actually is, I like the simplicity of this analogy.

I don’t know where this orginally came from, but the link that I sourced it from points to (thanks to a friend on facebook, Richard!)

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Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Famous Objects from Classic Movies was passed onto me by a facebook friend. Quite a challenging quiz 🙂

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