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Blade Runner Screen Saver

In early 2006 at the request of a couple of the denizens of the usenet newsgroup,, I created a Windows screen saver using (without permission) some sampled video from the Westwood Studios computer game version of Blade Runner and sound files sourced from the web.

It shows the balcony scene (which itself was borrowed from a scene within the movie), with ‘Blade Runner Blues’ playing in the background and some general ambience sound effects. It has some configurable options, like volume and frequency of sounds, and should run on any Windows box from Windows 95 up to Windows 7 (it has been tested on 98SE, 2K, XP and Win 7 x64).

I can’t host the file here due to file restrictions, so if you are interested in having a copy please leave me an email address in a comment and I will post it to WeTransfer for you.

Note: this program was written in visual Basic 6 and requires the VB6 runtime which is not included with Windows 7 or 8. You can download the runtime at Microsoft VBRUN60.exe.

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