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(Ch)Air Attack!

Well, I was playing Air Attack on Friday, lot’s of players on, mucho fun, but then disaster! During a rather violent stall turn, with me leaning into the turn as if it could somehow influence the game, my ancient office chair finally gave up the ghost and the mount cracked, spilling me sideways whilst my subsequent flailing to stay upright both broke my joystick and injured my hand.

This puts an end to my flying for a while…just as I was starting to get the feel for flight back 😦


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Blast from the past, Air Attack!

Most of my games are in storage at the moment, so I was looking through my HDD archives of old game installs and came across Air Attack.

This was a game that I came across about 12 years ago (1997) on BT Wireplay, but lost track of when BT Wireplay had issues with viruses in 1998. Since then I had assumed that Air Attack had died off with BT Wireplay in 2001. Rather than just deleting it, I did a quick check on-line and found that it has been resurrected by the original game creators, Ketsujin Studios (who also created Fighter Ace), and made available free to all.

There is also a UK Air Attack Club willing to give assistance to ‘Rooks’ (Rookies) to get into the game, along with GEAA (German), USAAC, and ANZAAC clubs, and regular league events.

I used to be a sucker for Combat Flight Sims, and I recall happy times playing Air Attack, so I’m going to give this one a try (again).

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