Rain City

RAIN CITY – The Living City

The year is 615, Universal Standard Time, a forgotten number of years into our future. A hundred year war between the Confederate Alliance and the Grand Imperium is still raging on a thousand worlds, with the feudal technocracies of the neutral Sovereign Court trying to hold their land whilst escaping the notice of the battling giants.

A member of the Sovereign Court, House Bronze, has designated one of its holdings on the outer rim, Teknik-3, to be run by the Central Industries Corporation. Teknik-3 is home to an industrialised city roughly the land mass of the old United Kingdom’s London, populated by nearly 80 million people and growing by fifty thousand people a year, Central City, or as its inhabitants prefer to call it; Rain City.

The West Sector of the city has recently seen a rise in general crime, black market activity, and highly sophisticated hacker crime. Both Corporate External Security and bounty hunters are on the prowl looking for the perpetrators, while the crime gangs appear to be at war and a shadowy force seeks to unite them. The public are wary of being embroiled in the ensuing violence, but how do they hide when the blood is on their doorstep?

Are you the hunter? Are you the prey? Or even an innocent bystander? You have the choice…

Rain City will be an immersive third- and first-person 3D role-playing environment utilising a ‘free-play’ system that does not constrain players to a set role or story-line. You will be able to develop relationships with the other inhabitants of the city and pursue your chosen role or any of the diverse sub-plots…or just roam freely.

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