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What? People still read this?

OK, I know I’ve been away for a bit, no need to badger me about not updating my pages, but I’ve succumbed to MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online and it is eating up all of my time!

I’ll post my updates on World of Tanks and The Lord of the Rings Online shortly documenting how my views have changed in the 5 months or so that I have been playing them.

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New beginnings

What with my old web host ramping up charges this year, my less than frequent updates (now that I spend most of my time on facebook), and the fact that I can use a free blog host (with a newer version of WordPress and associated widgets), I have moved my blog from 1&1 to WordPress.

Some older, irrelevant content has been disposed of, but much is still here, although sadly I am not allowed to host my Blade Runner screen saver files on here 😦

Expect things to move around a little as I play with the new themes, widgets and settings…and hopefully more frequent updates 🙂

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Alfie gets social

My facebook profile

I thought that I had understood the type of people that go on social networking sites like facebook, and decided that I wasn’t that type of person. I’ve never been particularly sociable, preferring to keep a very small, core group of close friends and a wider circle of acquaintances and friends of friends, etc, what I used to call the atomic theory of friendship (i.e. each atomic shell outwards holds more people but at a lesser level of regular contact).

But facebook uses every trick in the book to encourage you to add more friends to your profile;

Firstly, it recommends people to add to your network that have your friends in common.

Secondly, there are the networks; based upon your school, work, ‘fan of…’, etc, you suddenly find old school friends or work colleagues adding you.

Your front page is a consolidation of the ‘status updates’/posts of you and your friends, so comments from a friend’s friend on their posts may lead you to add that friend’s friend to your network so you can have a more direct dialogue with them.

And then there are the games. They all use a similar, simple formula that encourages you to spend more time on them and gives you advantages for having more friends playing in your group, constantly encourage you to add your friends to your ‘team’ that are already playing, invite friends in your network that aren’t playing, and send updates to your friends directly or via your profile when you achieve something in-game.

It’s interesting to watch yourself growing your network well beyond your normal circle, and to see people on there with 200+ friends, people using it as a pseudo-blog, posting updates from their phones, etc. It still feels like the ‘dark side’ to me though 🙂

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Spam on the rise again

I’ve started receiving bounces for undelivered mail that I haven’t sent. It seems it’s my turn to have my mail domain spoofed for e-mail harvesting spam again. The spam mails appear to all be in HTML format and claim to be in response to signing up to a newsletter.

If you don’t know, ‘spoofing’ is forging the address to look like it comes from someone else that you’re more likely to trust, in this case my domain, ‘’. The mail was never sent by me, or from a user on my mailserver, as I don’t actually have a ‘’ mailserver. All my mail passes through an authenticated server on my host, 1&1, and legitimate mail from me starts it’s first hop at ‘’ (which you’ll see in the headers).

There is nothing much that can be done about spoofing, as anyone can currently fake the sender address in an e-mail. Until something like the Sender Policy Framework or an equivalent is used by the majority of the ‘net there is no way to know if a mail is from a legitimate source.

Related: Spam Trends.


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Latin Quotes

I started collecting Latin quotes to use within my ‘Quote of the Moment’ bar on my web page, but decided against putting them all in because of the sheer volume I had found.

These have been collected from many books, web pages, and even Asterix comics 🙂

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