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Moving Again

Well, due to our landlords deciding that they wanted to move back into their house we’ve had to move on, and this time we’re going even further out into the countryside. No really, there are farms and stables at the end of our road!

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…still speeding

Of course, couldn’t move somewhere that didn’t have BT Infinity after seeing the difference. Line was activated this morning…pretty much same speed as before.



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To the ‘burbs!

So, we finally moved out of an inner-city 2? bedroom basement flat to a lovely 3 bedroom house in the suburbs. The fresh air, the quiet, the lack of neighbours thumping up and down the stairs…oh the joy 🙂

Still moving furniture, and sorting bags and boxes, more soon.

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To Infinity and…

BTInfinitySo, finally fed up with Virgin Media I went ahead and ordered BT Infinity Unlimited. New line installed for free (current web offer), BT Home Hub 5 arrived last week ready to go, and the engineers were quick, efficient and polite.

This is a speed test on the new line, almost twice the download and nine times the upload of my old Virgin Media connection…not bad 🙂


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Stuck in the garage

With the ongoing shoddy service from Virgin Media, particularly the horrendous packet loss at peak times, I’ve been forced to take a break from World Of Tanks and my new clan.

It was just beyond frustrating not being able to play properly, control lag, game jitters, etc, and was only leading me to get frustrated and whine at my friends.

I’ll be back as soon as I have an alternative internet solution.

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