Return of the tanker

World of TanksI have to admit I’ve been playing the odd hour of World of Tanks again since early April, mostly because Wargaming finally added some more content to spice things up, and promised even more changes in the near future.

A friend told me about the addition of the new, fast American turreted tank destroyers, and they are just so much fun zipping from place to place and putting accurate shots on target.

Wargaming have also dramatically increased the crew skills allowing for a bit more of a tactical choice of skill sot support the role you want your tank to play. A free skill reset allowed us to re-allocate and try out the new skills, which was a nice touch.

And then…patch 0.7.3…Finally the Russian heavy changes!

Excuse me, my tanks are calling and the weekend is a-wasting 🙂


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