Travelling at Warp 10

Star Trek OnlineNot even a month in to Star Trek Online and I’ve hit the level cap!

I’m not even a third of the way through the story missions (episodes) that form the back bone of the game and I have both a Star Fleet Officer and Klingon Defence Fleet Officer at level 50. The recent 2nd year anniversary special event even gave me top level cruisers to use with those characters. I’m going to finish playing through the story missions and see what the end game stuff is like but it feels like I’m mostly done already.

The game doesn’t actually lend itself to playing in a group (although you can form temporary teams and fleets to play together) because it just scales up the enemies for the number of players in a team, so I’ve spent most of my time soloing. You also get given a new ship at almost every rank promotion, and mission rewards (and captured loot) give you levelled equipment for your ship and ground teams, meaning that you buy very little, and have even less reason to use the crafting system (although I guess it will be useful at the later stages when your rank is maxed out and you won’t be levelling beyond the equipment you buy/make). Bridge Officers are also easy to come by and cheap to train with the exact skills you want them to have, meaning no real reason to trade for the rare skilled ones. This easy rise to the heights makes it feel like a very odd game.

Star Trek fans should love the game, the feel is all there; the ships, the away teams, enemies, costumes, weapons, etc, etc. The back stories/history seems to be a blend of the TV shows and the movies, including the new re-boot movie, and elements are borrowed from all over the genre. Just don’t expect it to be a difficult slog, it is ridiculously easy to progress, so take your time and enjoy the episodes.


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