Tanks for the memories

World of TanksI did say that I would post my thoughts on World of Tanks, now that I’ve had more time playing it.

After 7 months of playing and over 6,000 random battles, I now have 3 fully upgraded tier 8 tanks. Tier 10 is looking a long way off, and to be honest the fun has gone out of this game for me.

When I first joined WoT in June 2011 there were 3 patches that made fundamental changes to the matchmaker, and added new vehicles and new maps. Several statements were made about upcoming changes to the technology trees, so it was quite encouraging at first, but the pace of change in World of Tanks has become slow and erratic since then. Changes to the tech trees announced 6 months ago have still not happened, although a limited French tech tree has been added. A new tier 8 premium tank, the Chinese Type 59, was added but due to it’s matchmaker rankings was mostly facing tier 6 tanks where it was difficult to counter. The Type 59 caused a lot of bad feeling in the community that eventually led to a matchmaker adjustment, but I think the damage is already done on that one. New game modes have been proposed but still not implemented.

The grind at tier 7 and above is insane. After fully upgrading your vehicle it still costs 80-100k+ research to move to tier 8. For an average premium player this is probably 100+ random battles, for a non-premium player over 150, played in just one game mode, Random. The game really needs some new game modes, as random is too random. Since the retail release of WoT it seems more and more people play with little or no sense of teamwork, in what is after all a team vs. team game. Griefing also seems to be on the rise again with people purposefully blocking and shooting team mates.

I’ll keep the account for now and play the odd game during special events, but I’m not interested in grinding it any further.


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  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 16, 2012 - 11:46 am

    hmm. WoT certainly does need an extra dimension. How about looking to the skies? http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/624/feature/6302/World-of-WarPlanes-PAX-East-Hands-On-Preview.html (Nik)

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