Left 4 Wednesday

I used to keep an up-to-date list of the played / proposed add-on campaigns for our regular Left 4 Wednesday game nights, and am reviving it here. Currently the list includes the five featured maps from the official Left 4 Dead Blog and all current 90%+ rated maps at L4Dmaps.com. As maps are proposed and played I will move them into the relevant sections so that regular players will know what maps others can be expected to already have.

The date in brackets is when the map was last updated.


Suicide Blitz 2 (Updated 28/07/2011)

I Hate Mountains (29/01/2011)
Gas Fever (31/01/2011)
Welcome to Hell (03/10/2010)




Blood Tracks (Updated 06/07/2011)
Diescraper Redux (Updated 24/06/2011)
Tour of Terror (Updated 21/06/2011)

2 Evil Eyes L4D2 (07/01/2011)
Carried Off (03/09/2010)
City 17 (30/06/2010)
Clamtoll: L4D2 Death Toll Remake (16/07/2010)
Crash Bandicoot Course 2: Electric Wumpaloo (21/10/2010)
Dead Before Dawn DC (15/02/2011)
Dead Before Dawn Too (26/11/2010)
Dead Series (20/05/2011)
Death Aboard 2 (12/08/2010)
Death Toll Modified (06/06/2010)
Detour Ahead – L4D2 (06/11/2010)
Haunted Forest v1.3 (23/04/2011)
Heaven Can Wait II (26/01/2011)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies (16/10/2010)
Military Industrial Complex II (04/03/2011)
Night Terror L4D2 Edition (05/06/2010)
No Mercy Modified (03/07/2010)
One 4 Nine (L4D2) (14/11/2010)
Precint 84 (L4D2) (12/04/2011)
Questionable Ethics v1.2 (02/05/2011)
Vienna Calling 1 for L4D2 (23/02/2011)
We Don’t Go To Ravenholm 2 (26/06/2010)


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