Blast from the past, Air Attack!

Most of my games are in storage at the moment, so I was looking through my HDD archives of old game installs and came across Air Attack.

This was a game that I came across about 12 years ago (1997) on BT Wireplay, but lost track of when BT Wireplay had issues with viruses in 1998. Since then I had assumed that Air Attack had died off with BT Wireplay in 2001. Rather than just deleting it, I did a quick check on-line and found that it has been resurrected by the original game creators, Ketsujin Studios (who also created Fighter Ace), and made available free to all.

There is also a UK Air Attack Club willing to give assistance to ‘Rooks’ (Rookies) to get into the game, along with GEAA (German), USAAC, and ANZAAC clubs, and regular league events.

I used to be a sucker for Combat Flight Sims, and I recall happy times playing Air Attack, so I’m going to give this one a try (again).


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